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At Vesna Vojvodic Law, our firm provides the highest quality real estate, estate planning, estate administration, family law and notary public services to our customers.

Real Estate

Since 2002 real estate transactions have been a considerable part of our practice. We’ve closed well over a thousand real estate transactions for our clients. Whether we act on a sale, purchase or refinancing, whether it is residential, recreational or commercial property, whether our clients are present or away, we always service our clients in a direct, accessible and transparent way.

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Estate Planning

Wills, Continuing Power of Attorney for Property, Power of Attorney for Personal Care

Estate planning is a formal and legally binding decision-making about distribution of property after death. Estate planning is also appointing a person to make decisions about your property and medical treatment while alive, including the situations when you no longer have mental capacity to make decisions about your property or medical care.

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Estate Administration

Whether a person dies with or without a Will, someone has to arrange for the funeral, collect all the property of the deceased, pay just debts and government taxes, and distribute the residue of the estate to those who are entitled to inherit. We are equally experienced in serving the beneficiaries, heirs, executors, foreign or domestic in providing transparent, efficient and dedicated service. Our greatest asset is the trust of our clients and confidence in our comprehensive reporting.

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Family Law Without Dispute

We always encourage our clients to make the best efforts ahead of time to avoid dispute in court in the resolution of family law matters, but there are certainly circumstances when it is not possible. However, disputes can be prevented by domestic contracts made ahead of situations when the issue of divorce, property division and support may arise. Divorce is best when done on consent. The same applies to the regime of property before marriage and in case of marriage dissolution.

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